Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) is here, and it’s brought a new selection of immersive games to the Microsoft Store. To help you decide which games you should play first, I’ve rounded up the best on offer right now.

It’s not the most technically advanced VR game out there, but Crystal Rift (about $10) offers near-infinite replayability thanks to a level editor and interesting storyline.

Levels are built on a grid and are full of traps, puzzles, and secrets. There are also plenty of spooky characters waiting to make your acquaintance, but you can set the scare level if you’d rather not get your heart racing.


Loved by most people who play it, FORM (about $15) is all about a slow trip through the human mind. You play as Dr. Eli, a physicist who’s discovered a signal coming from an artifact. It’s up to you to follow the signal, which is interpreted in geometric shapes.

It’s a beautiful game to look at, and while it only takes about an hour to complete, the story and visuals will stick with you long after it’s done.

Gravity Lab

Another great game that tests your problem-solving skills, Gravity Lab (about $20)lets you tackle more than 60 puzzles that all have to do with gravity.

Inside your lab, you have a bunch of tools and contraptions at your disposal, all with the end goal of getting one thing into another thing. Once you’ve completed all puzzles, the level editor lets you create and share content with other players.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine (about $40) is a first-person shooter (FPS) that plops you down in the middle of a sweltering desert following a zombie apocalypse.

Featuring beautiful graphics, satisfying gunplay, and a detailed world, this is one of the best shooters we’ve seen so far in VR. If you don’t mind a bit of horror as you search for other survivors (who’s sending the radio messages?), Arizona Sunshine is a great experience well worth the price of admission.

Fantastic Contraption

Designed as a creativity incubator for just about all VR-appropriate ages, Fantastic Contraption (about $20) lets players design whatever they want.

As long as the contraption you create can solve the puzzle set before you, it’s considered a success. Whether you’re catapulting something across an expanse, building a rolling truck to smash through a wall, or bridging a divide, this game is sure to have you laughing the entire time.

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer (about $15) has been around for quite awhile now on Steam, and it only recently moved from Early Access to coincide with the WMR release.

This is a fast-paced arcade FPS that has you on a platform protecting your ship from waves of drones and other droids. You have a full arsenal at your disposal, but you’re going to be moving around … a lot. If you like the idea of a room-scale, physical shooter, this is one for you.


Not only is WMR great for immersive first-person games, it’s also great for games that requires a high vantage point, like the real-time strategy genre. Skyworld (about $40) takes a tabletop fantasy world in which you command forces on the battlefield and at home and moves it succesfully into VR.

Featuring a full campaign mode and cross-platform multiplayer, this is sure to be a favorite for anyone who enjoys an immersive strategy game.


Yes, SUPERHOT VR is an FPS, but it has an interesting mechanic that sets it apart. Your enemies don’t move until you move, making this an intense strategy game with brief moments of shooting, slicing, and dodging incoming fire.

Not only does this include the base game, it also includes the SUPERHOT FOREVER update, adding neverending challenges and harder enemies. For an interesting take on the FPS genre, definitely check this one out.


Want to feel what it’s like to take on hulking monsters face-to-face? Want to use swords and shields, bows and arrows, and even automatic guns? You’re probably going to spend a lot of time in TITAN SLAYER .

You can grab different weapons on the fly to counterattack whatever Titan you’re up against, and you’ll receive extra points if you pull off moves that the PC deems impressive. While you will be alone in the arena, your score is compared with others around the world.


If violent FPS games aren’t quite what you’re looking for, Windlands might just be the ticket. Featuring beautiful music, a haunting atmosphere, and challenging gameplay, it’s easy to lose yourself here.

The premise is simple, though you will certainly be put to the test. Each map is an enormous floating world that you must navigate using only two grappling hooks. Snag a tree or cliff, propel yourself forward, and solve the puzzles that inhabit the world.


There’s not much to say about Minecraft that hasn’t already been said. The insanely popular building and exploring game is now available within WMR, and the experience is incredible.

With motion controllers in your hands and a first-person view of the randomly-generated world, it’s up to you to chop wood, build a shelter, start a farm, and mine for precious minerals. There’s just as much intensity here as most VR action games — try exploring a cavern in the dark and see for yourself.

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