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  skilling interuptions
Posted by: Qrow - 11 hours ago - Forum: Report Bug/Issues - No Replies

not sure if this has been posted yet if it has my bad

while skilling (i found it during mining/woodcutting/fishing/cooking)
when you get a level up popup and click it to close to stops you from what your doing
not a super big deal but its something that can be looked into

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Posted by: Qrow - Yesterday, 08:21 PM - Forum: Media - No Replies

not sure if anyone does these but if ya do message here or by pm so i may make a request

please and thank you

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  Who i got
Posted by: Qrow - Yesterday, 08:09 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

just making this to show who i had brought into the server :Smileill update as more come or as they go

3.Flaming maul-Status-Unknown

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  Qrows intro
Posted by: Qrow - Yesterday, 08:06 PM - Forum: Introductions - No Replies

joined bout a week ago didn't think to do this but ill keep it simple

im Qrow hi Smile

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  Reasons for Forum banning.
Posted by: Slader Gator - Yesterday, 06:19 PM - Forum: News & Announcments - No Replies

Any spamming and or sales, scams and or any other posts not server related will be banned effective immediately!

P.S. Disrespect of staff server owner or shameful bashing other players will result in punishments!

Thanks for understanding,

     Mod Slader.

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  Youtube Streamer
Posted by: Indica - Yesterday, 11:46 AM - Forum: Media - No Replies

I met a guy while playing zombies and he is just starting as a streamer..
Give him some loving Smile


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  Clue Scroll Update.
Posted by: Celticplague - Yesterday, 12:22 AM - Forum: Insane Media - No Replies

250 Hard Clue Scrolls!
[img][Image: iXQtQx3.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: TANxDgl.png][/img]
[img][Image: SEf52SB.png][/img]

250 Medium Clue Scrolls!
[img][Image: QpImlEd.png][/img]
[img][Image: tYh7I3c.png][/img]
[img][Image: KFWmroq.png][/img]

250 Easy Clue Scrolls!
[img][Image: vA7GUKK.png][/img]
[img][Image: yA05M9M.png][/img]

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  Skilling Guide - Part 1 (6/22/17)
Posted by: Shinobu Oshino - 06-21-2017, 08:34 PM - Forum: Server Guides. - No Replies

Skilling Guide - part 1

Agility - There are TWO agility courses that can be used currently.
Gnome Agility Course (Level 1 required) - Teleport through "Any Teleport besides home" in mages book
[Image: DfkEfJy.png]
Wild Agility Course (Level - 50 Required) (DANGEROUS!) Found in "Any teleport besides home - Mage Bank"
[i][Image: EZzqOBA.jpg][/i]

Herblore - Items can be purchased from -"Any teleport besides home - Skilling Island's" - Bob by right clicking and hitting "herblore Store"
[i][Image: mCb5RBj.png][/i]
Herblore is not fully functional, but can be used to make most of the potions in-game.
Step 1 - Clean herb
Step 2 - Add herb to water vial (Also bought in shop)
Step 3 - Add ingredient

Guam Leaf + Eye of Newt = Attack Potion
Marrentill + Unicorn Dust = Anti-Poison
Tarromin + Limpwurt Root = Strength Potion

Harralander + Goat Horn dust = Combat Potion
Ranar + White berries = Defense Potion
Toadflax + Crushed birds nest = Saradomin Brew
Irit + Eye of Newt = Super Attack
Avantoe - N/A
Kwuarm + Limpwurt Root = Super Strength
Snapdragon + Red spiders' eggs = Super restore
Cadantine + White berries = Super defense
Lantadyme + Potato Cactus = Magic Potion
Torstol + JangerBerries = Zamorak Brew


Thieving - Easiest skill + Quick money! Found South of "Home Teleport"
[Image: O8R0IHw.png]
Right - Left
Level - 90
Level - 70
Level - 50
Level - 25
Level - 1
Crafting - Can be done at Skilling Island found in any Mage book teleport besides "Home Teleport" (Supplies may be bought from Bob)
Note - Gems can be stolen from "Crafting Stall"  (level - 1) and Moulds can be stolen from "Scimitar stall" in home (level - 90)
[Image: aFyZGhx.png]

Rune Crafting
Rune Crafting - Buy Rune Essence from Bob at Skilling Island - Click on Mage of Zamorak for all Altars
Notes - Blood and Astral Altar are not up to date! XP does not always show till you log out and log back in!
Once finished start over from skilling Island! Altars cover the INNER wall!
[Image: p7doSVB.png]
All the way around from left -
Chaos, Law, Death, Water, Soul, Air, Mind, Body, Earth, Fire, blood, Cosmic, and Nature.


Fletching - FULLY FUNCTIONAL - Tree's Found on Northern Skilling Island - Knife can be bought from Bob
[Image: SoT5oye.png]
Level's can be found by clicking on the skill in the skills book!

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  wont let me open
Posted by: for evigt - 06-19-2017, 05:15 AM - Forum: Client Help - Replies (5)

so my uncle reset our router and now i cant open the rsps which is really pissing me off and i tried deleting it and redownloading twice and nothing is working and hopefully yall know what to do

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Photo Smelting Issue
Posted by: Shinobu Oshino - 06-19-2017, 04:50 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Click - Adamanite ore -> Furnace

Click - Right Click -> 10 smelt

[Image: f8C0Kql.png]

ore that can not be smelted

5 Adamant ore
5 coal ore
If the format is wrong feel free to message me.

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