Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are powerful consoles that can run graphically intensive games at high resolutions and framerates. Racing against each other, each company has already released updated versions of their respective platforms, with even better chipsets that can handle the latest display standards. But no matter how strong these systems become, it will always be a platform that’s a step ahead, always leading the charge and riding that cutting edge. The one that gets the newest and best tech, first; the one that game studios love to show off their games on. After all these years, the personal computer still reigns supreme.

In this day and age, the big AAA publishers do not have many exclusives anymore (excepting first-party games, of course). What works on one platform? Even indie games these days jump from Windows to the Xbox One, given their shared development environment. So you’re not going to find something like the original Doom anymore, which came out for PCs alone and showcased their raw potential – even the new Doom was cross-platform. But that is not the way you look, but soon. And no matter what, if you’re running the latest and greatest graphics card (s) in your rig, you’ll always have it better than anyone else. If you’re wondering what to test your build against, these are the best graphics in upcoming PC games.

Far Cry 5 will make your rig cry

The Far Cry franchise began on the PC as developer Crytek’s debut game. Crytek has always been a very visually-minded studio, and they wanted that first game to show off what they could do with their brand-new CryEngine. Far Cry succeeded in putting Crytek on the map, so much so that they moved on to other franchises. Ubisoft bought the series from them, and has been developing Far Cry games ever since.

There are a couple of elements that are fundamental to a Far Cry game, one of which is a huge open-world environment that players can explore in any direction. That means the game needs to be vastly seamless, and in stunning detail, too. The original CryEngine did that brilliantly back in its day. And in a way, it still is: today, the Far Cry series runs on the Dunia Engine, has Ubisoft-modded version of CryEngine.

Far Cry 5 will feature the latest and greatest version of Dunia, in order to render a mysterious and exotic land: America. And the player will be blowing up a good bit of that landscape, while simultaneously fending off waves of enemy combatants. Dunia will be all about that, while offering slick animations and cutting-edge lighting techniques at the same time. Crytek may have m

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